Tuesday 21 November 2023

ACE environmental coalition challenge Brent Council to work more ambitiously and effectively to reach Net Zero in 2030


 Video of ACE deputation and response (BrentCouncil)

ACE Brent (Action on the Climate and Ecological Emergency Brent), a new coalition of Brent environment groups, challenged Brent Council to step up its climate action at the full Brent council meeting yesterday.

 ACE supporters assemble ahead of the Council meeting

ACE Brent does not believe that Brent is working effectively to reach Net Zero in 2030. Through their deputation to the council they requested :

 *   A clearer, more measurable, accountable and ambitious Climate Action Plan
 *   Prioritisation of actions that reduce emissions most and that protect the most vulnerable residents
 *   Annual monitoring and reporting
 *   A new Climate and Ecological Emergency Scrutiny Committee
 *   A new Brent Climate Assembly and regular reports to open meetings

They outlined their specific demands covering cycling and transport, insulation and retrofitting, divestment, planning, renewable energy, food, trees and green space.
Following the meeting Elaine Sheppard, ACE Brent representative said : 
Our approach to the council was welcomed by Cllr Krupa Sheth, Cabinet Member for the Environment, and other councillors. Whether this results in increased urgency and a new more accountable climate plan waits to be seen.
We will be following this up and we encourage any other organisations in Brent who are concerned about the climate and implications for our community to get in touch with us at Ace@Brentfoe.com

Current members of ACE Brent are Brent Cycling Campaign, Brent Friends of the Earth, Brent Parks Forum, Brent Pure Energy, Brent XR and Divest Brent.


Anonymous said...

Well done BFoE 'ACE' Coalition for speaking up for the Climate and Ecological Emergency. Let's hope that Brent listens and takes further Action.

Anonymous said...

Fine words from Krupa Sheth, but the problem is Brent Council not delivering on those words in practice!!!

Anonymous said...

If you ask Cllr Sheth a detailed question about environmental issues she just passes it onto someone else to answer and respond.

Brent Council have no plans to solve the polluting traffic issues - traffic jams of cars in the same places everyday because of poor traffic management.

Brent Council make no effort to stop people setting of fireworks in our parks and open spaces, polluting these green havens, terrorising wildlife and leaving their rubbish behind. Why not urge people to donate all these millions of pounds wasted on polluting fireworks each year to worthy causes?

It's supposed to be plastic free Brent but no-one knows anything about this initiative.

Fly tiped rubbish from our streets goes to landfill or to incinerators - neither option good for the environment. Brent Council need to do more to stop all this flytipping.

Construction works from all the different developments causes massive local pollution- but Brent Council still give permission for more homes to be built everywhere.