Tuesday 14 November 2023

Barry Gardiner joins picket line as Lyon Park Primary School closed by strike against pay cuts


Lyon Park Primary School was closed today as National Education Union members went on strike to oppose wage cuts that the management want to impose on some staff as part of a restructure.

Brent North MP, Barry Gardiner, visited the picket line and told the spirited strikers:

Thank God you've got a union that actually supports you! All support to you.

It's great that you have the NEU backing you in this dispute. I know it is tough but stick it out.

Actually, you see time and time again that you win because when the union backs you, you keep on going - build the solidarityand that will mean ultimately you can win this dispute.



Anonymous said...

Good for you Barry. We will vote for you as you are one of us.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gardiner one of us? Hmm???

Apparently, Mr Gardiner was privately educated even though he's now in favour of scraping private schools.

Apparently, when he was first elected as our MP Mr Gardiner refused to move to Brent choosing to keep his main home in Chorleywood so that his kids could go to the good schools there? He tried to excuse that decision by saying he did it to
"protect his children from the stigma of having an MP as a father." - surely instead as a Labour MP he would have been proud to live in his constituency and bring his kids up here?

Anonymous said...

The man's a good guy and a good MP.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone would agree with you.

Bets.io said...
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