Saturday 11 November 2023

Wembley Park 1829 auction particulars now available online

 Guest post by local historian Philip Grant in a personal capacity


It is almost a year since I wrote about “Wembley Park for sale! (in 1829)”, sharing with you the news that details of what the Wembley Park mansion and its surrounding estate were like nearly 200 years ago had come to light. An original document, about an auction sale in June 1829 by Mr Christie, had been brought to my attention (through a comment on a previous “Wembley Matters” local history article) by the person cataloguing a collection at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.


In my November 2022 guest post, I was able to paint a picture of what life for the wealthy “Squire” John Gray and his family had been like at Wembley Park in late Georgian / Regency times. At the end of the piece, I wrote that ‘a full facsimile copy of the Wembley Park auction Particulars, with an introductory note’ would be available online ‘in the near future’.



The opening section of the 1829 auction Particulars.


Because of problems at both Brent Archives and IT at the Civic Centre, it has taken longer than expected to put the facsimile copy online! If you would like to read this historic document about Wembley Park in full, it is now available here.


Philip Grant.

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