Tuesday 7 November 2023

UPDATE: Thames Water says sewer service at Wembley Triangle restored and traffic should be back to normal by the end of today.


I was told to expect a statement from Thames Water about the situation at Wembley Triangle yesterday but none was forthcoming by midday today so I tweeted them at midday.  The incident began on Thursday. LINK

Their answer is above. 

UPDATE - Neil Levy of Thames Water has sent the following message:

We managed to work all night yesterday to repair the sewer and we have demobilised from the site now.

We found that the sewer was severely blocked with rubble, bricks and fat, which we believe may have caused a break in the pipe.

We have restored the sewer service and there has been no further flooding or pollution impact to the environment.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused but traffic should be back to normal by the end of today.


Martin Francis said...

Comment via email:

Hi Martin
The workers must be wearing Harry Potters Invisibility Cloak , LOL

Jaine Lunn said...

Since witnessing the chaos and mayhem from Friday 3rd November when no one was seen working. These invisible workers collected the Portable Toilet and Blue pipes on Saturday morning. Since then there has been no sighting of any workers, Thames Water or otherwise on this site of the road closure of Wembley Triangle. I too have emailed Bent Council on two occasions, and to date have no response. I am sure that CCTV Camera's sited at this location could be viewed by Council Officers and will clearly show that in peak times the numerous vehicles making illegal Left turns, Right turns and U-Turns in this vicinity. Perhaps they are willingly participating in this fiasco to generate more income and fine the offenders by use of CCTV. Or Thames Water employees have not signed off the job and are still getting paid, as no one has come to check the work has been completed? Either way no one from Highways has checked the inadequate signage, or Traffic light sequence. How this has not resulted in a major accident is quite remarkable, perhaps the Traffic Gods feel sorry for us and being extra observant.

Philip Grant said...

'The sewer was severely blocked with rubble, bricks and fat.'

Which buildings have been demolished in recent years in this area?

Brent House (of concrete blocking the sewer fame), Copland School and Chesterfield House, to name a few.

It appears that there are INConsiderate Contractors operating in Wembley, who are not being held to account for the problems they cause, and that we end up footing the bill for through our Water Rates or Council Tax.

Anonymous said...

And once this is cleared there is more to come - I spotted a sign today that Affinity Water would be doing Road works in Wembley High Road near the junction with London Road in about a weeks time.

It’s never ending!!!