Monday 27 November 2023

With less than a week to run the Blue Bag petition to Brent Council collects more than 3,000 signatories


 Sheila Darr's presentation on Blue Bags made at last  Monday's Full Council VIDEO LINK has made quite an impact on the Next Door website with many dissatisfied with the response from Krupa Sheth (Lead Member for the Environment).  Many of those commenting support recycling but think that the scheme is not fit for purpose. The wet and windy weather has not helped to convince residents.

The e-petition on the Brent Council website LINK has burst through the 3,000 signature mark and still has a week to run. It closes on Saturday December 2nd.


The Petition 

We the undersigned petition the council to Cancel the blue bin bags and return to the single blue bin for recycling.


The blue bin bags are made of poor quality. The stitching is already coming apart and the velcro is of such poor quality it does not stick.


The bags cannot be left out in the rain as they will fill with water without the lid being stuck on properly.


In high winds, the bags will fly on to the roads causing hazard for vehicles and pedestrians.


The bags cannot be expected to be stored in peoples homes.


The council tax has been increasing and the services are getting poorer.


Anonymous said...

Hello just want ask how does making the recycling into one bin any better. It uses too much water (a resource which needs to be saved). Isn’t it better to come up with a solution that works for the environment? Or hadn’t you thought about that for this petition. I have simply added a hook to my blue bin and now my blue bag is hooked on. Bin men are happy and always hang it back, admittedly had to make them understand that.
Agreed that it wasn’t a well thought out scheme but to throwaway money is a joke. It’s been spent so let’s try to make it work and not have knee jerk reactions like politicians. It’s our taxes after all.

Anonymous said...

Bin men put the bag back on the hook - where we are they throw our bags and bins into our front gardens or just dump them on the pavement 😞

Anonymous said...

The 2 x 140L small grey bins are not sufficient for a 5 bed House, and 3 Bed House for collection every 2 weeks, our extra black bags are being put out on the main road for daily collection between the hours of 6.30am/pm and 7.30 am/pm as for the flats above shops which have no bins. Whoops I just noticed the signs informing of these collections have been removed???
Our 2 x Blue Bins are full to the max and will not be collected until next week, where do you suggest I store my recycling? I guess it will have to go in black sacks and put out on the High Road when full.
Meanwhile our half full blue sack will be collected this week along with our Grey Bins!

I cannot see how this is saving money, benefits the residents, Veolia, or provides any improvement to the environment, least of all the look of our neighbourhood.

Philip Bromberg said...

I spoke to one of our binmen last Friday; he said - without any prompting from me - that he hadn't met a single person who was in favour of the blue bag scheme. He added - entirely unsurprisingly - that Veolia's binmen all hate these bags and find them much harder to deal with than the bins. I'm very sorry to say that I personally now find myself putting paper/cardboard into the grey bin which formerly would have gone for recycling.

Anonymous said...

So now we have 3 collections per fortnight instead of 2. How is this cheaper?

I extra collection for Blue Bags means, 1 Truck, more fuel, 3 x Labour (1 Driver + 2 Collectors).
More hassle?

Anonymous said...

And the bin men have to lift the often very heavy blue sacks up and into the lorry to empty them rather than positioning a wheelie bin next to the bin lorry - how long before many of them go off sick with back injuries?

Anonymous said...

You are either with us, or with the tories who are against making the changes we need like this for the environment by only allowing 3 bins. We know from Bristol the more bins the better when it comes to increasing the recycling rates. If you can tie your shoes, you can use a blue bag. Get behind our councillors for climate change or bring your grandchildren into a toxic wasteland.

Anonymous said...

As recycling is once a week now

Anonymous said...

"Get behind our councillors for climate change or bring your grandchildren into a toxic wasteland" - seriously??? The toxic wasteland we will all face is being created by Brent Council, they are the ones giving planning permission for all the huge high rise developments all around us.

A bit of extra paper and card recycling will hardly offset the huge levels of pollution and waste caused by all these construction works - it says here...

"The construction industry produces something like 40 per cent of the UK’s total emissions — and roughly two-thirds of all the waste generated annually. That’s not a surprise when you see that more than 50,000 buildings are demolished each year — many of which could simply have been retrofitted, instead of being torn down.
The key point is that up to half of the lifetime carbon emissions of a building come during construction — meaning many new structures will take decades to pay back their carbon debt by saving more emissions than they created."