Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Brent Tories and Lib Dems Call for Extraordinary Council Meeting on Library Closures

Fast on the heels of Zadie Smith's denounciation of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition over library closures, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats on Brent Council have have today written to the Mayor of Brent to request an Extraordinary Meeting of the Full Council in order to debate the Library Closures in Brent fully.

The wording of the letter is as follows:
We must note the massive support from local people across Brent for the campaign to save local libraries, as evidenced by local activities and the petitions presented to Brent Council. It is also only fair that the Council debates the alternative proposals made by local groups to save local libraries in response to the limited options agreed by the Executive as part of their ‘Library Transformation’ proposals.

We therefore request an Extraordinary Meeting.


Anonymous said...

I think that was written yesterday before Zadie Smith spoke a word Martin you will find!

Anonymous said...

When my local Library was closed, people blamed the county council. Now Zadie Smith blames the government, she really ought to learn a bit more about local government.

Martin Francis said...

OK, Reg Colwill only posted it on Save Preston Library Facebook at 5.30 this evening.