Thursday, 17 March 2011

Parents Campaign Against Free Schools

Coalition 'Free schools' are likely to be a contentious issue over the next period - promoted by dubious groups, undermining democratic accountability and destabilising neighbouring community schools. The Parents Alliance for Community Schools has taken up the issue and has a very informative website at:


Agile said...

It is indeed a contentious issue. Local parents love their local schools and see them as being under threat by the opaque and somewhat senseless and underjustified process. Thank you very much for your help in raising awareness in your post!!

lucyinldn said...

Many parents have been seduced by the idea of parent run free schools increasing choice and providing additional school places. Unfortunately the more free schools open up in our communities, the narrower educational provision will become and when free schools fail because they become unsustainable, who will provide places for those children who have been let down?

Ask intelligent questions and demand intelligent answers!