Monday 17 December 2012

Annexation attempt on Barn Hill?

The new houses from Barn Hill open space
 Further information has come to my attention regarding the 'Battle of the Yellow Lines' .  Apparently the houses that front the newly built houses in Beverley Gardens are former police houses and were all bought up by the same man who then built two new houses on the former police car park at the back of the houses.

The road was used to access those car parks as well as the open space and that would be clear at the time of purchase and development. It begins to look like an attempted annexation of a corner of Barn Hill estate.

Meanwhile Cllr Michael Pavey has written to the Council on the issue:
I am writing to object to the addition of double yellow lines to the service road at the top of Uxendon Hill/Beverley Gardens.

I understand that one positive response has been received to this proposal. Against this the residents' association is implacably opposed. I have been contacted by a number of other residents who I have encouraged to make representations. Parking restrictions are a very contentious issue, particularly in the Barn Hill area. A single positive response is an insufficient mandate when the local residents' association is so opposed.

I understand that the service road predates the houses built at the top of it. On this basis the landowner would have been fully aware of the access issues when choosing to develop the site. I would be interested to see any evidence that the road is now more congested with visiting traffic than at the time of development.

I understand that the service road is intended to facilitate access to the Barn Hill Open Space. Adding double yellow lines would restrict this, compromising people's ability to ensure this beautiful area.

I have been contacted by a resident in another part of the Barn Hill estate who has been advised by your Department that the Council cannot consider additional double yellow lines projects at the current time due to budget constraints. If money is tight, double yellowing this service road should certainly not be a priority.

I strongly believe that the community is opposed to this scheme. I trust that if the consultation generates more critical than positive responses, the Council will reject the proposal?

Best wishes,

Cllr. Michael Pavey
Labour Councillor for Barnhill, Brent Council


Trevor said...

what an insult to literal injury.
Here we have a politician that belongs to political party that failed when given its chance to show what was truly in its heart in 1997.
instead what their time in power reveal?
well how is it so many of them were shown to be corrupt?
its strange how when they were in opposition back in the 90's they were forever finger pointing and condemning the hypocrites in the driving seat at the time and yet once given a mandate by the victims aka the electorates, they clearly showed what was truly in their hearts and that they really were not up to the job.
and this labour politician expects people to fall for his apparent concern for a barn hill resident?
mr pavey you belong to the party that came in singing and dancing to the tune of Things getting better!!!!
yet things are clearly worse rather than better and yet people are clearly meant to give politicians what they want which is a mandate and when they get the mandate they fail to fulfill it.

Michael Pavey said...

Hi Trevor, I was only 18 in 1997. That Government made a lot of mistakes. I'm just trying to support local residents in their campaign against an unpopular measure.

Best wishes,
Michael Pavey

Trevor said...

we are currently being governed by Hypocrites that operate with double standards and time clearly shows it does not result in anything worthwhile and beneficial.
the hypocrisy is breathtaking...and I do not except excuses from failed MP'S who came in claiming that things would get better and when put to the test they showed that they didn't really care for anyone except themselves...take the crooked Lab our Politicians that got mixed up with the expenses scandal...that clearly showed they were thinking about themselves only and how they would benefit in the short term rather than consider the needs of the people they were elected to serve.
and that clearly shows how it is certainly possible to be blinded by greed only to find that when you get found out, how unwise it is to allow one's selves to be blinded by greed and especially when it turns out that the crooked MP's were not exactly living on the breadline and therefore had no choice but to turn to crime...they knew what they were doing but just didn't care and it is people like them I consider as the jimmy Saville's of politics and I don't think I need to say any more because it should be obvious what I'm driving at.
also when you are elected to run a country you don't misuse your mandate by misusing the law making wrongs right and turning the nation into a immoral one.
if you know something is wrong you don't use the law to make it right which is what your colleagues have done with regards to smoking.
you had the opportunity in 97 to set a new standard with regards to smoking in this country by making what is clearly wrong wrong by means of law but instead your hypocrite colleagues showed what was Truly in their hearts by choosing to put profit before principle
and so decided to make it illegal to smoke in public places rather than using the opportunity to set a new standard and be the first to do what is the best interest of the public by banning smoking everywhere and putting it in the same place as drugs such as heroin and cocaine.
after all if no mp has the nerve to stand up and argue that They should no longer be classed as illegal by law
when that hypocrite mp knows that allowing the public freedom to use those drugs would be of no real benefit
then how can it be responsible to misuse the law in order to allow the tobacco business and shopkeepers to continue exploiting the public with tobacco when it clearly has no true benefit?
after all is everything truly about profit in human society?
you see mr Pavey this is where your colleagues have made serious errors of Judgement allowing common sense to be blinded by greed.
so while you are rightly saying to those benefiting financially from the sale of heroin and cocaine to the Public it is morally wrong and unacceptable, how can it be right for Tobacco dealers and shopkeepers to benefit financially for the sale of something to the vulnerable public which is also causing 1000's of them to die each year from Preventable diseases such as lung and Throat cancer which then adds billions to the cost of treating those whose health has been severely damaged from Smoking on the NHS?
Britain is Full of Tobacco addicts because the hypocrites behind the wheel of Government put profit before principle only to find that even after they get what they so desperately want which is money, they also get what they don't want which are financial problems.
but they are forced to accept that you can't have one without the take on the responsibility of government and you decide to operate with double standards telling one lot they can exploit the public with total freedom while telling others they can't you must expect to be viewed as greed driven hypocrites from hence forth.
we are not here to be exploited and since it is your hypocrite Political Party that were saying Britain deserved better, Well show it by doing what is beneficial to Britain by putting principle before Profit not Profit before Principle.