Friday 21 December 2012

Wembley Lycée confirmed by Frenck UK Councillor

Olivier Cadic, UK Councillor for the Assembly of French Citizens abroad, has announced on his blog LINK the acquisition of a Wembley property for the education of French children in London,
I announce the acquisition by the French Education Property Trust (FEPT) site in Brent (near Wembley) to construct the third French secondary school in London! This is a great step forward.  The school is expected to reach its initial goal of creating 1,500 additional places in teaching French in London by the start of 2015. Those involved in the planned  school, who helped make this long-awaited progress, deserve the gratitude of our community.
This does not confirm that the site is Brent Town Hall but the passage in the Executive Report I quoted in an earlier blog and the lack of any alternative sites of a similar size in Wembley seems to indicate that it is the Town Hall.

Planning permission will still have to be sought.  If successful it will mean that there are three large schools in fairly close proximity:  the  Lycée, Ark Academy (4-19 year olds) and Preston Manor All-Through School (4-19 year olds).

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Anonymous said...

Should open nicely, for us all to celebrate the Battle of Waterloo 200th anniversary in 2015.