Thursday 27 December 2012

Brent fails to connect with residents on budget

In January 2012 Ann John and Muhammed Butt toured the Area Consultative Forums to speak about the Council budget. LINK One year on, after Muhammed Butt ousted Ann John promising greater openness and engagement with residents, no budget discussion has been included on the agendas so far published for next month's forums.

Pleas to formulate a needs based budget as a campaigning tool to challenge the Coalition's unequal slashing of local government expenditure have been ignored. An opportunity to engage with local residents and mobilise them in defence of vital services appears to have been rejected.

Now known as Brent Connect Forums they meet on the following dates. I include the agendas that have so far been published. 

Brent Connects Kilburn and Kensal
08.01.13 7pm Kensal Rise Primary School, Harvist Road, NW6
Brent Connects Harlesden 
09.01.13 7pm All Souls Church, Station Rd, NW10

  • Update from representatives of TfL, Network Rail and London Overground (LOROL) on the planned improvements for Willesden Junction Station approach
  • The latest news on the Willesden Energy Recovery Centre (incinerator in Ealing)
  • Plans for the development of a Neighbourhood Forum covering parts of Stonebridge, Harlesden and Dudden Hill
  • Proposed improvements to parts of the Brent River Park (Phase 2)
  • Local Policing update
  • Doing more locally with Residents' Association Groups
Brent Connects Wembley
15. 01.13 7pm Pattidar House, 22 London Road, HA9
Brent Connects Willesden
16.01.13 7pm College of NW London, College Road, NW10
  • Government welfare reforms (including Discretionary Housing Payments) - how this will affect you and the benefits you receive
  • Customer services at the civic centre - what's on offer
  • Local policing update
Brent Connects Kingsbury and Kenton
06.02.13 7pm Kingsbury High School, Princes Avenue, NW9

1 comment:

Trevor said...

This isn't news to me
in fact I think it is to be expected after all I have recently received information from the council informing me that my housing benefit and council tax benefit has been stopped and this despite the fact that the DWP has failed to formally inform me that the benefit I have been claiming was due to end on Dec 26th 2012.
Now according to my understanding, unless people claiming benefits are given information from the DWP that their benefits are due to end whenever, how are the persons claiming the benefits able to inform the council of the change in their circumstances?
I mean the Current crooks in suits aka the coalition government are falling over themselves pushing through these so called reforms and yet this is the reality of the reforms, the crooks in suits are in such a haste to cut cut cut they appear to have failed to inform the DWP to make sure they inform each person sufficiently regarding any changes to their claims.
I consider this as a insult to injury but as I started saying I actually don't expect to be treated properly by the DWP or by the crooks in suits aka MP'S.
the only thing I expect is to be treated as if I am someone out to get something for nothing.
and yet the truth is the real crooks are the very ones that sit in the houses of so called parliament making up these unjust laws etc.
they really make me sick.