Wednesday 1 May 2013

A photo-tour of the new Chalkhill Park

I had a tour of the new Chalkhill Park this morning. I wonder if it will get called Chalkhenge? Although not yet open the park is being used by local residents after school and at weekends. The ceremonial opening is on June 8th but the builders' fencing around the site is likely to be removed on Friday May 10th.


Anonymous said...

This looks like an excellent local park for the area. I must come and visit it myself!

Unknown said...

I hope it is in still in good shape Martin?

It will probably be the most rewarding project I ever work on. Thanks for your assistance Sir.



Martin Francis said...

You should be very proud. It has made a huge impact on the area providing social space across the generations and contributing to positive relationships. Parents get to know each other while their children play breaking down barriers in a very mixed community. The best time to come and see it is on a sunny afternoon just after schools are out. The trees have not only survived but are thriving and the bedding is proving very resilient. There are litter problems but no vandalism.