Monday 13 May 2013

Mary Arnold to step down as a councillor in 2014

Following the changes in the Brent Executive it was likely that some of those who have been replaced would review their wider role as councillors. Having done a good stint in her Executive role and recognising that the election results represent a generational change, Cllr Mary Arnold, former lead member for children and families, has decided not to put herself forward as a 2014 candidate for the Kilburn ward.

Before the AGM sources said that James Powney was considering standing for Harlesden ward, where Helga Gladbaum is not standing again, rather than his present Kensal Green seat where he has been increasingly uncomfortable.

Powney, in the wake of the libraries issue, did badly in the election according to a senior councillor. Overall the results were convincing for the challengers who achieved votes in the high 20s out of the electorate of 41.

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Anonymous said...

James Powney, less popular than Millwall football team.