Saturday 25 May 2013

Join in Brent Housing Action this weekend

 The recently formed Brent Housing Action Group, a broad based organisation addressing the current housing crisis will be out and about this weekend:

SUNDAY MAY 26th Leafleting and petitioning on Chalkhill Estate
Meet 12 noon at the bus stop on Forty Lane outside ASDA, opposite Brent Town Hall
Please text Sarah on 07951 084 101 if you are coming.

MONDAY MAY 27th Picnic and street party in support of the Counihan-Sanchez Family Campaign 11 am - 1 pm 15 Rose Gardens, Ealing, W5 4JU

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Karl Cassius said...

Pay or move?

A Brent councillor watched on as a team from Brent Council illegally evicted a lone tenant (previously lobbied for a vote by this very councillor) without any prior warning or eviction paperwork on the day.

Contact your local councillor to find out if it was them watching on and doing nothing to prevent this action. The councillor was conversing with the team and sometime after praising them "publicly" on a separate matter.

I've given you all the clues you need to solve this secret.

Politicians stand for all the things you fall for. 2014 elections, do your research.