Monday, 10 June 2013

Mysteries, mavericks and mistresses

The Kilburn Times LINK reports that Carol Shaw, Lib Dem councillor for Brondesbury Park  has defected back to the Conservatives. Shaw hit the national headlines last year when she revealed that she had been mistress of Bob Blackman when they were both Tory councillors.  Apparently the affair began when they were stuffing envelopes together. She subsequently stuffed him in the Sunday Mirror  LINK enraged at his comments on the sanctity of marriage.

Whatever party label she has worn Shaw has always been a maverick and can get on quite a roll denouncing all political parties. She has a good reputation as a case worker and was one of the more responsive councillors to the Save Willesden Green and Save The Queensbury campaigns.

As I reported in a previous blog relationships are pretty tense amongst some of the Lib Dems in the south of the borough and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see another defection, but this time to Labour, by a councillor not intending to stand in 2014. Shaw had said this would be her last term as a councillor but perhaps she will revise that now she has defected. Certainly the present Conservative leadership in Brent could do with a shot of adrenalin - or something more potent!


  1. She left Tories in 2003 as she was not selected by Conservatives Head Office for Brent East by election.

  2. Given her public vendetta against a local temple in Willesden Green I wouldn't be surprised if Carol Shaw would defect to UKIP or BNP, soon. I hope she will retire instead or move away from Brent.