Monday, 17 June 2013

Tony McNulty gives a helping hand to Brent Labour

There was an interesting tweet from Cllr Krupesh Hirani yesterday when he was out campaigning for Labour in Dudden Hill ward.

Tony McNulty is the former Labour MP for Harrow East who resigned his ministerial position after  allegations that he claimed expenses for a second home, occupied by his parents, which was only 8 miles away from his primary residence. As a minister McNulty had said, 'We are absolutely determined to stop benefit thieves stealing from the British taxpayer.'

McNulty is married to Christine Gilbert, Interim Chief Executive of Brent Council. Gilbert's arrangement for her salary to be paid into her private company Christine Gilbert Associates LINK though legal, have come in for criticism.

Yesterday I blogged that  a report by Fiona Ledden, to be considered by full council, recommends that the permanent Chief Executive post is not advertised until after the 2014 Council Elections.

One of the stated reasons is:
Council will be aware that there will be an election in the Borough in May 2014 when all Council seats will be up for election and this is clearly an important matter for the authority not only in terms of operational management but also in relation to reputation management. The continuance of the current interim arrangements will ensure that the overall planning and management for that election can be organised and properly overseen by an interim Chief Executive who has developed a full understanding of the organisation.
It is reassuring that so much trouble is being taken to protect the reputation of the council.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Legal Teams in the Copland School Case are already reading this situation with growing interest...

Anonymous said...

One might get the impression that this couple are a pair of thieves but I would never suggest such a thing

Anonymous said...

Only in Bent Council

Anonymous said...

Another Labour Councillor and Lead Member Cllr Roxanne Mashari Tweet ‏@roxanne_mashari 15 Jun
Out talking to residents in Welsh Harp with Cllr Janice Long and @Tony_McNulty #soaked #welshharplabour

Anonymous said...

Tony McNulty was also out campaigning in the ward of Brent Council Leader Cllr Butt. So he was campaigning in the wards of 3 members of the Excutive Committee including the leader of the Council and now these members will vote for his wife to remain CE of the council till 2014 Council elections to make sure Labour wins.

Tony McNulty ‏@Tony_McNulty 15 Jun
Great response on the #labourdoorstep in Dudden Hill, Tokyington and Welsh Harp with @Krupesh4Brent, Roxanne_mashari and Cllr. Butt

Anonymous said...

As I said "Only in Bent Council"