Monday 14 July 2014

Brent Cabinet will meet next Monday afternoon

One of the many changes instituted by the newly elected Brent Labour adminstration was a change to the schedule of meetings.  The Cabinet, which replaces the Executive, now holds alternate meetings during the day.

The next Cabinet meeing is at 2pm on Monday July 21st at the Board Room, Brent Civic Centre.

The Agenda includes changes to recycling which will see weekly collections of recyclables and the introduction of a £40 annual charge for green waste collection, adoption of the Housing Strategy, and vital updates on the Council's financial position.

The full reports pack can be down-loaded HERE and the Agenda is below:


Anonymous said...

'Cabinet', eh? Just another example of language inflation? Or delusions of grandeur and another stage in the alienation of local politicians from the people who elected them and whom they serve?

Mike Hine

Anonymous said...

Poor old Brent, behind the curve! Given that Esther McVey is apparently soon to become a member of the Downing Street 'cabinet', the council might like to reconsider its bourgeois predilections. 'Language inflation' indeed!

Trevor said...

I Would Like To See How The Members Of The New Cabinet Would Have Reacted To What I observed a few minutes ago.
It was a young Man Lighting His Health Destroyer aka a Cigarette.
He Then Dropped the Empty Box in the middle of the road and walked away.
I wish I had Stopped Him and ask Him to pick it up and dispose of it properly.
After all I Think it is safe to assume he knows what a dustbin is and what it is used for.
but sadly like so many people young and mature, I Think it's safe to say that he just doesn't care and because The authorities Do Little To tackle this problem,
That is why people continue using the roads and pavements as unofficial dustbins
as well as toilets
for urinating and even vomiting.
I know it sounds disgusting but This is what is happening on the streets of wembley and Brent on a regular basis.