Sunday 20 July 2014

Enough is Enough: New Brent anti-racist initiative to be launched on Wednesday

Apart from the antics of the various tiny right-wing groups making forays into Brent to stir up trouble, we have other issues to deal with in the borough involving racism and Islamophobia..

On this blog we have covered the racist 'go home' van, UKBA raids at railway staions and places of work, discriminatory letting policies by estate agents and there are ongoing issues over the use of stop and search and disproportionate exclusions of black pupils from our schools.

To address these issues Brent Trade Union Council and others have called a meeting to set up a new Brent Anti Racist Initiative.  It will be held at Brent Trades Hall, 375 High Road, NW10 2JR.


Trevor said...

When will This end?
What is the solution?

Unknown said...

Great Site. Please join my anti-racism site at: I am also an Afrocentrist.