Thursday 24 July 2014

Children's activities at Wembley's LDO summer weekends

There will be play opportunities for children at the London Designer Outlet during the summer holidays.

Activity Timetable:
What’s On?
19th July
Capeoria Workshop & Steel Pan Band, Bungy Trampoline*
20th July
Jazz Duo
25th July
imPULSE Youth Dance
26th July
Stilt walker with balloons
27th July
First Impressions dance group, Face Painting
2nd August
Dance Workshop
3rd August
Storytime, Mini Football
9th August
Surf Simulator
10th August
Mini Football
16th August
Bungy Trampoline
17th August
Bungy Trampoline
22nd August
Hillside Dance Group performance
23rd August
Bungy Trampoline
24th August
Bungy Trampoline, Face Painting
25th August
Bungy Trampoline, Face Painting
30th August
First Impressions dance group, Spanish Classes
31st August
First Impressions dance group, Storytime
6th September
Football trickster
7th September
Fitsteps dancelikenow

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