Thursday 17 July 2014

Barry Gardiner speaks out on Israel's 'barbaric' actions in Gaza

Barry Gardiner, Labour MP for Brent North, a former vice-chair of Labour Friends of Israel, made his most forthright comments on the actions of Israel in Gaza earlier this week.

He said LINK:
Israel’s right to defend itself, of which the Foreign Secretary speaks, is not an unconstrained right, yet Israel’s response has been unconstrained. It has been disproportionate and wrong. Heavy bombing in a densely populated area with 100,000 civilians, causing the death of 170 people, a third of them children, is not self-defence, it is barbarism. What leverage does the Foreign Secretary have and will he now apply it to make the Israeli Government reappraise this barbaric and unproductive strategy?
On Saturday July 19th there will be a 'National Demonstration for Gaza' meeting at 12 noon in Downing Street and marching to the Israeli Embassy. Brent and Harrow Palestine Solidarity Campaign will be supporting the demonstration.


Trevor said...

Yes Mr Gardiner,
and What About The Endless People That Are Slowly Destroyed by Means of Cigarettes?
It's all very Well to Look and Condemn other Nations For Destroying Lives by means of Bombing,
But We In Britain Destroy More Lives By Means Of Cigarettes and The Government collect huge amounts of Tax Revenue From it every Year.
and Have you Forgotten Mr Gardiner What Your Political Party Were Promising voters in 1997?
What Was it?
oh yeah...Things Can Only Get Better...Now That We Found You!!!
and if you are so concerned about lives being Destroyed in Israel
Why Didn't you call for a total ban on smoking in Britain?
after All Cigarettes Destroy Lives just as Bombs Do...but Slowly.
You See Mr Gardiner, This is the Kind Of Hypocrisy That Makes Me Want To Throw Up,
When Politicians Like You Start Saying How Bad Other governments are for allowing lives to be destroyed, and yet you belong to a political party That despite Having the opportunity To Use the authority it had, it failed to Do what is right.
and so rather than ban smoking completely
it made it law instead for people to abuse themselves out on the pavements.
and has that made people stop smoking?
I doubt it very much.
the reality is despite your outcry against what is happening to civilians in gaza,
you don't speak up for the countless lives being senselessly destroyed by the cigarette Business
and all for the sake of profit.
until you start to recognize the failure of the British government to protect its own, you cannot expect anyone to take you seriously when you start going on about what is happening in gaza.
by means of bombing in gaza Little concern is shown for the lives that are destroyed.
and by means of cigarettes here in Britain, no concern is shown for the lives that are Destroyed.
simply cause this is the way the whole thing has been organized.
Yes Mr Gardiner, the British Government is Wicked and corrupt and Driven by Greed.
it misuses its authority in order to profit by means of tax revenue.
it permits the destruction of lives by means of Smoking.
which is the number one cause of preventable death in this country.
what grounds does it therefore have to look down and oooo and arrrrrr over what governments of other nations permit to gain tax revenue and destroy lives?

Anonymous said...

This is beyond irrelevant. In the present circumstances it's utterly tasteless. At what point does any calamity, cruelty or barbarism become just a little bit more important than your particular obsession? I think you need to exercise a little judgement or self-control.

Anonymous said...

you are so right!

Anonymous said...

You are so right!

Anonymous said...

Do the staff at this man office ever answer the phone?