Tuesday 1 July 2014

North West London United against return of fascist group to Cricklewood

Racists and Fascists are once again targeting Brent. The South East Alliance have said they are returning to Cricklewood Broadway on July 19th after the local community mobilised against them a few weeks ago.

The group are pretending that they are protesting about a Muslim Brotherthood office above a shop despite the fact that the police said the occupants have left, and in any case they were not the Muslim Brotherhood itself.

The real reason is that the racists can't stand the fact that not only is Brent multi-cultural but that the community gets on well together most of the time and people are positive about being part of a diverse neighbourhood. They are prepared to stand up and defend their neighbours and their neighbourhood.

The SE Alliance come from outside the area in order to stir up racial and anti-Muslim prejudice. An adhoc group has been formed called North West London United to oppose them on July 19th. NW London United aims to bring all members of the community together to tell the South East Alliance that they are not wanted here.

North West London United has prepared a statement that they ask people and I have been happy to do so:
The South East Alliance (SEA), a group of racist, Islamophobic thugs is threatening to return to Cricklewood on Saturday July 19th. This group, made up of remnants of the Essex branch of the EDL, includes known fascists and has links to Ulster loyalists. They say they are demonstrating against the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, but since that organisation moved to Austria in April before the SEA came to Cricklewood on 14th June, they clearly intend simply to bring their message of hatred to disrupt Cricklewood’s vibrant multicultural community.
In Cricklewood, as in the whole of North West London, we are proud of our diversity. Here people live and work together, children study, play and grow up together in mutual respect, regardless of faith or skin colour, language or place of birth. We will not tolerate attempts to divide us or stir up hatred. We stood united on June 14th to show the SEA that there is no place here for their racism and Islamophobia. We ask you to join us on 19th July to do the same again.
Please add your name to this statement either by signing below or by emailing

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Trevor said...

I Think We Brits Need To Take a Good Look at ourselves and see if We Actually Show Love for Others Without Hypocrisy?
I mean While Many Express Strong Views Against Organizations Like The S.E.A., We Should Look at the Many Things The Government Permit in the Name Of Democracy That cause serious problems.
one of those things is smoking.
it doesn't benefit those who practice it.
Instead it hurts them and causes many to die before their due time.
and this is something that has been permitted by the government in what is supposed to be a Christian country.
and Even I know that Anyone that claims to be a Christian must live up to christian standards.
and the Highest standard of All is Loving our Neighbors.
True Christians can be Identified By The Love they show for their fellow Humans.
and that doesn't mean hugging and kissing of course...instead the best way to express it is by how we treat our neighbors.
We Treat them in ways that we would expect to be Treated.
and so for example we don't put the making of money ahead of more important things
such as showing consideration and doing what is in the best interests of our neighbors.
deliberately misusing government authority by permitting smoking which we know isn't in the best interests of our neighbors isn't an example of love of neighbor, instead it is A shameful expression of The Love of Money.
and it is also an example of political irresponsibility, in that the very ones Taking responsibility of Driving and Leading the nation, Do so in a Reckless Way.
similar to a person that works as a bus driver but decides to drink alcohol each time he/she is working.
and so their passengers are put at risk of serious harm simply cause of the irresponsible Driver.
Wise Leaders Don't knowingly Permit what they know isn't in the best interests of the people they are leading.
consider The outcry against a Deceased Celebrity That was given much authority over vulnerable people.
simply cause it turns out that He was misusing his authority To satisfy his own selfish Desires.
and because of that the vulnerable people suffered much.
Well likewise our political Leaders Have been irresponsible and by their deliberate misuse of authority
it has caused much harm and suffering to those they are meant to be serving.
This is Why Our country is in such a mess.
How can we Stand up and speak against The S.E.A. While we hypocritically show More Love for Money When it comes to the economy?
Yes, The Government says in a sense to the Cigarette business, " Go ahead and exploit the public for Profit" and even when it causes no end of Death and problems Just carry on as normal.
and then when organizations such as the S.E.A.begin to Grow, The Government stand up and condemn them in the name of racism, since racism is a form of abuse towards members of another race.
and since racism is a form of abuse and unfair treatment of fellow humans, it is seen as unjust
which of course is correct.
but the selling of cigarettes to the public which causes them serious physical harm is also abuse
but one which is carried out with the permission of the government.
and yet that is obvious gross injustice on the part of the government
by permitting something which causes harm to the people they are supposed to be serving.
so the fact is our so called democracy is seriously flawed and needs to be looked at and changed so that abuse carried for financial gain is no longer acceptable.
and the law system should be just and balanced so that we no longer say to one person you can't do that while saying to another you can
which goes on to cause immense suffering.
even I know that that is not the way to govern a nation.
and yet that is exactly what has been happening for decades in the name of democracy.
so how can we condemn the S.E.A while we support businesses that exploit and cause much harm all for the sake of money?