Saturday 5 July 2014

Brent Council closes down Wembley Market's temporary site

The original market (Image:
Brent Council served a 'stop' notice on Wembley Market yesterday which looks as if it spells the ending of the market for good.

The market had shifted to the Unisys building at Stonebridge Park after losing its Wembley Stadium site because the Council thought it would undermine the London Designer Outlet. There are plans to replace it with a more upmarket 'artisan' market.

Wendy Markets had submitted a planning application to regularise the Stonebridge Park site but the stop notice has been served before that can be heard. Wendy Markets face a £20,000 fine if they don't comply so the market of some 100 stalls will not operate this Sunday. Brent Council claimed there had been complaints about the market according to Get West London LINK


Anonymous said...

Simple Solution

local people Boycott Wembley Designer Outlet.

Everyone locally thinks Designer Outlet is a white Elephant and I bet they are behind requesting the stop notice on the market.

The true reality is that local people do not shop at Designer Outlet.

Someone in retail told me recently the designer outlet have been offer deals for retailers to say as trade is so bad at this white elephant.

The whole concept of retail factory oulets selling discounted merchandise is dead.The internet offers retailers a much easier route to sell surplus merchandise.

This is the whole reason why Designer Outlet will fail at Wembley.

Also whoever designed the retail complex should have realised that shoppers want a fully covered retail experience without getting wet!

Wembley Markets will be back

Anonymous said...

If anything, it would bring custom to the designer outlet. The outlet is poorly designed, always windy and cold and the range of what is in the shops is poor compared to the same brands elsewhere.

Nan Tewari said...

I have visited the outlet a couple of times now and wondered who it is catering for. Rather than being the vibrant place I had been expecting, it seemed rather forlorn. Remembering that Marks and Spencer, British Home Stores and Pizzas Hut and Express had all left Wembley High Road, I had wondered what success the outlet would be likely to have.

I too, have heard many comments about the outlet being unappealing in the rain and cold (those prime components of our climate!).

Wembley Market was as renowned as Wembley Stadium, if not more so. What a shame the borough is being run for the benefit of business to the detriment of the interests of residents. Is it beyond the wit of Those Who Should Know About These Things to balance both concerns? [This is a purely rhetorical question.]


This story continues to astound me, that the developer should be able to simple eradicate a market which has been present for more than 40 years from land (parking spaces) which they must provide 3000 of publicly as a condition of their section 106 agreements, with regards to matchdays. The varied offer they are talking about must be intended to attract the drone-like class who they expect to occupy their luxury flats, all considered, it amounts to a form of social cleansing.