Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Conservative HQ tell Brent Council Warren's posse are official Conservative Group

The issue of who represent the principal opposition in Brent Council is to be resolved tonight at a Full Council Meeting.

On the eve of the meeting the Leader of the Council, Muhammed Butt,  and Christine Gilbert, Interim Chief Executive, have been forwarded the following email from the Conservative Party:

As you are aware it had been decided that the Conservative Party would formally recognise the Annual General Meeting of the Brent Conservative Group that was held on 13th May.  All conservative party candidates elected to the Brent Local Authority were invited and the meeting was independently chaired by a North West London Area Officer.  All those entitled to attend were given proper notice and details of the nomination procedure for group officers.

Cllrs Warren, Shaw and Davidson attended the meeting.  However, Cllrs Kansagra, Colwill and Maurice chose not to attend and have subsequently refused to take part in the group.
As a result it is the Group led by Cllr Warren that the Party will formally recognise as the Brent Conservative Group.  Furthermore unless Cllrs Kansagra, Colwill and Maurice join the Group they will not be authorised to stand as Conservative Party candidates at future elections.

Please do feel free to contact me if I can be of any further help,

Mark Roberts.

Voluntary Party Manager for the Conservative Party

Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, North West London, Oxfordshire, Suffolk


  1. This blog and blogger is anti Tory and anti Labour.

    1. Yes, I can confirm that. Also anti-UKIP and anti-Lib Dem. This is because they all support post-Thatcher neoliberalism and Greens put forward an entirely different approach.

      However, at the same time I support effective opposition to the almost one party Brent Council as essential to democratic accountability and scrutiny. This could come from 'official' opposition parties, from the majority party's backbenchers, political parties not yet represented on the Council,,resident and community groups, trade unions and individual Brent residents.

    2. Well said, Martin! Hope you and your blog go from strength to strength in Brent.

  2. Is Mark Roberts authorised to make this decision?

  3. Hope Kenton Tories won't stand for this.

  4. Hope Kenton Tories won't stand for this.

  5. I nominate Anon at 15.38 for the No Shit Sherlock Award 2015