Saturday, 30 May 2015

Green Party selection process for London Mayor and GLA list opens on June 1st

The London Green Party's selection process for the 2016 London Mayoral and London Assembly elections opens on Monday June 1st.

All members of the London Green Party are entitled to take part as both candidates and voters. Candidates will need nominations from at least 10 national members of the London Green Party.

Each person nominated will be asked to provide relevant biographical details and a statement making the case for their own selection in their own words.

The name order on the ballot paper will be by lot and candidate statements will be published in the same order.

The ballot will require voters to cast preferences for the candidates and their will be provision for negative voting through the choice of 'Re-open Nominations' (RON).

The London Federation of  the Green Party will hold one hustings for the Assembly List and one for the Mayoral selection.

In addition the Federation will hold an online internal hustings to increase the participation of the wider membership.

Local parties are encouraged to hold hustings, perhaps in conjunction with neighbouring local parties, as long as they make a reasonable effort to invite all nominees.

The London Green Party has agreed the need for gender balance in the London Assembly list so that at least one of the top three should be a woman, at least two of the top five men and at least two women, at least four of the whole list should be men and four women.

Nominations will be kept open for a week longer if there are fewer than this at close of nominations to enable additional candidates to come forward and this will continued week by week as necessary.

Similarly the London Green Party has agreed the need for ethnic balance in the Assembly selection list and will attempt at least two self-defined ethnic candidates in the top 5, and at least 4 in the list of 11.

There will be similar arrangements to those to achieve gender balance through extending the nomination period.

Neither of the two existing Green London Assembly members, Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson, are standing again.

Full details are available on the London Green Party website LINK


  1. There's a case to be made that London 2016 is a huge opportunity for the Green Party:
    - Liberal Democrats are reeling after the drumming the electorate rightly gave them;
    - The Labour Party navel-gazing another Right-leaning leader &
    - the current administration's lousy record on things like house prices (affordable homes) and pollution.

    Could the Green Party park serious, progressive, environmentally aware opposition on the doorstep of Westminster, as the SNP have done in Scotland?

    It would need the concerted effort of the entire party to get behind mayoral candidate Natalie Bennett in the same way they did to re-elect Caroline Lucas. It would need excellent Spokespeople like Tom Chance and Caroline Russell to stand for AM. & the campaign would need to start sooner, rather than later.

    Only by running can the Green Party leader can the Green Party signal its serious intent for the improvement of London.

  2. Sorry but Natalie Bennett should steer clear if the Greens want to do well. She was a disaster in the general election and there is far better talent in the party.

  3. I'm standing to be Green candidate for both Mayor and Assembly, as I did before in 2008. Please have a look at my pitch to the party here. I argue, as the original commenter does, that we *can* win and do amazing things for London if we open up our campaigning, get involved and support and mobilise the exciting wider campaign movement going on all around us. I think London is crying out for this approach, and that only the Greens can really do this: