Saturday, 30 May 2015

Quintain Wembley Masterplan Public Exhibition June 12th-16th

This invitation appears to have had only limited circulation top residents in the Wembley Stadium area so I am reprinting it here for information:

Yellow Pavilion, Olympic Way, Wembley, HA9 0FA

I am writing to you on behalf of Quintain Estates & Development plc – one of London’s leading investment and development specialists – to inform you about our plans to consult on the latest phase of the regeneration of Wembley Park. As a representative of a key local community group, I would like to invite you and your fellow members to come and view our latest plans at a public exhibition.

Quintain has been leading the development of Wembley Park since 2002. During this time, we have helped to shape the area and deliver substantial benefits including new homes, jobs, shops, hotels, public realm space and other amenities – all of which have helped to improve Wembley for local residents and new occupiers.

We are now looking to bring forward our masterplan proposals for the remainder of the land within Quintain’s ownership and we are keen to engage with the local community to help shape our designs for the area. As part of our consultation programme we will be holding a public exhibition to showcase our early ideas and to hear your thoughts; this will be held in the foyer of The Yellow Pavilion, Olympic Way, Wembley, HA9 0FA on:

  • Friday 12th June 3pm-7pm
  • Saturday 13th June 11am-4pm
  • Sunday 14th June 11am-3pm
  • Monday 15th June 11am-7pm
  • Tuesday 16th June 3pm-7pm

Architects, Flanagan Lawrence, who are working up the masterplan designs, will be on hand with members of the Quintain team to answer questions and talk through the proposals. The exhibition will also give you an opportunity to see what has already been delivered to date as part of the on-going transformation of Wembley Park.

I hope you and fellow members are able to join us but if the times above are not convenient we would be pleased to come to a meeting of your group to set out our proposals. If you would like any further information or have any questions, please email us at or freephone 0800 014 2427 and a member of the project team will get back to you.


  1. The postcode given here comes up as Beechcroft Gardens - a few streets away

  2. Replies
    1. Scott I think you have misunderstood. They are asking for opinions, surely even you would listen to what they are proposing before protesting?

    2. Anonymous, have you arrived on the planet only recently?

    3. There's a number of things that could necessitate protest because as (I'm assuming) an intelligent person I'm pretty sure you are aware by now that 'consultation' is a mere box ticking exercise. Remember Brent Council's last big 'consultation' was released mere hours after the closing date which is hardly enough time for what Llloyd Grossman would have called "deliberation, cogitation and digestio'.

      1. Lack of Green Space
      If we look at what Wembley Park once was, it's something which should shame Cllr's from across the decades.

      2. It might be suggested that the Towerblock model has been proven detrimental to the wellbeing of people that live here and the demolition of Chalk-Hill Estate was confirmation that people deserve different ways of living.

      3. not mere 'affordable housing' as we know that means nothing of the sort but Social Housing.
      Has Quintain PLC delivered what was promised?

      It should be noted that in 2009 Quintain PLC almost went bust and had to be bailed out by Henry Cheng Kar-shun via his investment arm 'Knight Dragon'. Henry's already having a spot of bother after dodging building 100's of affordable homes that war promised in the 'regeneration of Greenwich. e.g.

      4. Unsavoury connections / Dirty Money

      Henry Cheng Kar-Shun is also chairman of Chow Tai Fook which is run by the infamous Stanley Ho. For info on Stanley:

      Stanley Ho was also reported to be bezzie mates with Kim Jung il (who was alleged to be a silent investor). It was Stanley Ho who offered asylum to Saddam Hussein on behalf of North Korea when the 'allies' were chasing him down following Labour's infamous dodgy dossier. See:

      5. Are we convinced that the people of Brent have got the best value for this site through the creation of mini-dubai? Meanwhile the Council is choosing to close youth centres which could result in a £5million payback of lottery funds [not to mention the payback for Stonebridge AP]

    4. Kim Jung Il moving into Wembley - Scott I think you need to have a rest, your 2 massive losses in Mapesbury and Brent North have gone to your head.

    5. I hate people knowing stuff, don't you Anon?

    6. It's not Scott's fault that the voters got it badly wrong

  3. Do we know what land IS in Quintain's ownership?

    Why is there a monopoly developer anyway?

  4. I don't care what they propose because I'm a Green and I'm against everything unless it's done by Scott

    1. In this particular case, Anon, you're probably being very wise.

    2. Scott seems to have some thought-out objections Anon 09.26. Do you have some arguments in support or are you just interested in snark?

    3. Consistently the latter.

  5. Let's hope Quintain's plan is better than their English. According to sentence two of the statement they claim to be 'representative(s) of a key local community group'. Some conflict of interest ,surely?
    Mike Hine

  6. Zerine Tata has sent this note to contacts via email and given permission for its publication here:

    I hope as many of you will attend and gives your views.

    We cannot stop his massive development, but we can certainly try for some compromises.

    We must strongly object if they plan for any further buildings of over 12 floors. Some of the ones which are already going to be built have 24 floors and they managed to get them passed, because we did not do enough to try and stop them.

    This time, we must stop them and object most strongly. It is quite unnecessary to have such tall sky scrapers, which will over shadow the whole area especially the Stadium! It will become a worse concrete jungle, overbearing and dense and not attractive in any way.

    I stood on Manor Drive and I was really quite shocked and horrified, as I had not realised how these buildings will encroach upon us!

    We also need a lot more trees! At the first meetings with Quintain, many years ago, they promised not only to replace every tree, but to plant a lot more trees, this has not happened! There will be far more pollution with more buildings, cars and people, so trees are not only attractive, but vital to our health and wellbeing, by cleaning the air for us. Walking down Lakeside is really unpleasant, all grey, with no trees to brighten up the place.

    Infrastructure! What extra amenities and facilities are they going to provide for all these extra people coming to live in Wembley? Will there be adequate parking on site to accommodate the people who will be living in these buildings or are the nearby residents expected to have even more cars parked on our streets? This large influx of people will also affect every day things which we may not have even thought about, like lowering our water pressure, as there will be so much more demand! What assurances has Quintain received from the Water companies?

    We have to give a lot of thought about how this further development will affect all of us and if we do not have our say now, it will be too late once the building of this next stage has started!

    Please try to attend and make sure your views are heard and recorded by Quintain staff. Also ask them how they will be treating comments from the residents? Do we need to write in or will our comments at the exhibition automatically form a part of an objection?

    I presume staff from Brent Council will also be there, so do speak to them as well and ask them to record your comments. What is in it for the residents? We have to make our voices heard at this exhibition and we also need to get clear answers to our questions.


    1. The area is an eyesore.

  7. 'As part of our consultation programme we will be holding a public exhibition to showcase our early ideas and to hear your thoughts'
    This statement bears an implied promise that our 'thoughts' will then help Quintain produce some later, amended 'ideas' (otherwise why bother with the exercise) which will then be showcased in similar fashion for our further thoughts.
    Could Quintain be asked to book a date and venue for this next stage in the 'consultation', please?

    Mike Hine

  8. This invitation states: 'Quintain has been leading the development of Wembley Park since 2002. During this time, we have helped to shape the area and deliver substantial benefits including new homes, jobs, shops, hotels, public realm space and other amenities – all of which have helped to improve Wembley for local residents and new occupiers.' Where are these substantial benefits for those of us living in Wembley ??? Could anyone point me to anything that has improved for residents? We were lucky not to lose a substantial piece of our local park....I've racked my brain but i can't think of anything thats improved....can anyone enlighten me please?