Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The surprising wildlife of Wembley

One of the benefits of getting around the borough leafleting at election time is the accidental discoveries that take place in an area that is full of surprises.

In a corner of Wembley I bumped into Jay Patel who told me about the muntjac deer he sees from his garden close to the River Brent.

Jay says:
It highlights that it is important to look after the river and also not allow developers to build on the small conservation area. The deer come quite often individually however, I managed to see two together once. I see them most days, they graze there in the open space, eating the leaves on the trees and also the dandelions. 
The deer probably come along the 'green corridors' which provide a route from the home counties into London via rivers and railway lines.

The population is believed by some to have spread from Woburn Park in Bedfordshire LINK

Photo: Jay Patel

Photo: Jay Patel

Photo: Jay Patel


  1. Muntjac? What kind of name is that? Sounds foreign to me. And Wikipedia says that they don't just have one annual rut like your decent English deer, they do it any time of the year that takes their fancy, a disgusting alien practice which can only drag down the high moral standards of our indigenous species.
    And how typical that Natalie Bennett's traitorous party smuggles them in through its 'Green corridors' and lets them eat leaves and dandelions which have been paid for by generations of hardworking British people.
    More good reasons for voting UKIP on Thursday if you ask me.
    Save British Bambis!

    Mike Hine

  2. Thank you, Jay, for sharing these photos with us! We do have some beautiful, quiet places in Brent to get away from the troubles of everyday life, and we should enjoy and appreciate them.

    Philip Grant.