Sunday, 3 May 2015

Hampstead & Kilburn UKIP candidate attacks Islam and admires former EDL leader

Magnus Nielsen, the UKIP candidate in Hampstead and Kilburn, is up to his neck in controversy again this weekend.

The Camden New Journal LINK yesterday published extracts from an 'address to voters'in which Nielsen says:
Although, I am not 'a Prophet', I can see from the trends of the past 25 years show that Britain is slowly but inexorably falling under the domination of Islam - or, I should say, to the self-appointed 'community leaders' who represent Islam - with the silent and invisible certainty of carbon monoxide poisoning.
In a further comment on the EDL he says his repsonse...
....has been equivocal, largely on account of the poor tactics, lack of self-discipline and their failure of its organisers to exclude a publicity-seeking hooligan element from their ranks. However, I applaud the aims and intentions of its former leader, the young man calling himself 'Tommy Robinson', his personal courage in the face of repeated threats to his safety and the safety of his family, and his perseverance against the ill-informed, biased and distorted criticism that he continuously receives from the media. Whether I succeed or fail in my bid to win this seat, I also shall be ready to join with those who are organising ( by peaceful and law-abiding methods) to raise awareness of the menace that Islam poses to the future of our society.
As the CNJ points out Nielsen has been silent on these views at the many H&K hustings.  This means that they have not been open to public scrutiny and debate.

Yet another example of the UKIP mask slipping.


  1. Another sane and rational UKIP candidate by the look of it. Unless he's been planted in Hampstead and Kilburn to make Herr V and his boy look reasonable and moderate by comparison.

  2. Last week Magnus told the paper he was a natural Liberal Democrat if it was not for their stance on the EU.

    1. A natural Dansk Folkeparti member, possibly.

    2. Well he's clearly been influenced by Maajid Nawaz

  3. Thanks for this, Martin.

    One hustings that Nielsen absented himself from was that at UCL Academy on 20 April organised by Somali Cultural Association, Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group and the Winch Youth Project. He had been invited, but clearly felt it more appropriate to conserve his energies.

    'Dude Swheatie of Kwug'
    Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group

  4. Tommy Robinson / Stephen Yaxley Lennon has so many pseudonyms that im convinced he is a secret services spook.

  5. Herr Vockrodt, as Alison lets us know elsewhere, organised a petition to allow Pamela Geller, the organiser of the 'conference' in Dallas which led to the deaths of 2 men today, to speak at a meeting of the lovable 'English Defence League.
    Here's Pamela Geller on Obama's attempt to introduce a degree of social healthcare for average Americans: "The moochers and the looters, the crooks and degenerates voted at 1 am this morning to rip the constitution to shreds, to rape the American people and to nationalize medicine." She added that passing the bill on Christmas Eve would be "an act of treason and blasphemy." Sounds reasonable.
    Any comment Herr V ?