Saturday, 2 May 2015

Latest on Brent Chief Executive appointment

Following various rumours circulating about the appointment of the new Chief Executive of Brent Council last week I sought clarification from the Brent Council Press Office.  This is their statement:
The (CEO) interview process has not yet taken place therefore no appointment has been made.   The new Chief Executive will be appointed by a panel of elected members later this month and this appointment will be subject to ratification by Full Council on 22 June 2015.  As yet Christine Gilbert has not agreed a leaving date.

I can confirm that Lorraine Langham, Chief Operating Officer, has not applied for the role.

The Council will make a public statement once an appointment has been confirmed.


  1. Watch this space..... ..... .......!.?

  2. They left out their final line:

    'Now go about your business.'

  3. Not surprised Christine Gilbert has not a GREED a leaving date!

  4. Gilbert no leaving date.

    Sounds like recruitment process was Just smile and mirrors Rather than a Real attempt to recruit a suitable candidate.

    Just my opinion

  5. If the new CEO is to do the chemistry thing with the leader of the council, then doing an interview would hardly be in keeping with his MO!

    [Davani and former finance director, Heaphy, exchanged e-mails in which they revealed that "Mo" owed them one for getting his candidate appointed to a role without being interviewed.]

    So the choice is between malpractice or inconsistency.......inconsistency or malpractice..........eeny.... meeny.... miny.... mo........

    1. Chief Exec, Miah and Mo
      Catch Divani by the TOE
      Potts she squeaks and there they go
      A cover for All
      Chief Exec, Miah & Mo

    2. The bets are on CG reinventing herself for more I's and M's ..

    3. 'I's and M's' ?

  6. Could the I's & M's be 'Inconsistancies & Malpractice'?