Saturday, 16 May 2015

Eleanor Southwood is Brent Council's new lead member for Environment

Cllr Eleanor Southwood (Queens Park) was elected to be the new Lead Member for the Environment at the Labour Group AGM today and joins the Cabinet.

She replaces Cllr George Crane who had decided to stand down.

The appointment is welcome as for a time it looked as if there might be no Environment lead member post at all following the outsourcing of most of the department's work to Veolia via the Public Realm contract.

Cllr Southwood was previously on the Scrutiny Committee.

Following her joining the Cabinet this picture of the new Cabinet was circulated on Twitter today:

 They may have been stuck in a lift.


  1. Interesting, now 25% of the cabinet represents Queens Park Ward.

    Or will it just mean councillors spend less time on local issues

  2. "Cllr Southwood was previously on the Scrutiny Committee"

    ...says it all. She had a place on the only forum there is to hold the leadership to account, kept her mouth shut for a year and got her reward today

  3. Following lift joke convention, then, this pic must be a smelfie.

  4. Who farted?

  5. Whatever would we do without someone who holds a Philosophy Politics & Economics degree from Oxford. Eleanor for Prime Minister.

    1. Isn't it fascinating that you don't have a good word to say when Brent council elects its first blind woman to a cabinet role. All you can come out with is mean spirited Green bile.

      Welcome to your private hell.

    2. My original story reported the plain fact of the appointment and welcomed the news that Environment was to remain a Cabinet post. No bile there.

      As comment above is anonymous there is no evidence that it came from a Green Party member. This blog with 1,500+ page views a has a much wider readership than that.

    3. Good as it is to have someone on the Cabinet who has obviously overcome a lot to get into her position, it doesn't it make her above criticism for her contributions, or indeed lack of them, to the Scrutiny Committee

    4. What we do know is that Anonymous 21 May 2015 at 18:43 is asking the commenter to treat Eleanor to a different standard than anyone else who is a member of Brent Labour due to her visual impairment. This is discrimination and prejudicial attitudes as it is obvious Eleanor is a highly intelligent woman who has got where she wanted to be. Unfortunately she has thrown her lot in with the labour party.

  6. It is impressive that Cllr Southwood hasn't let her visual impairment hinder her ambition.