Friday, 8 May 2015

Detailed General Election results for Brent


  1. Thanks, Martin.

    Re Hampstead & Kilburn result, I have produced this blog piece: GE2015: Hampstead & Kilburn constituency result

  2. Be interested what Brent Tories might now do in terms of seeking to Rid the town hall of Gilbert, Davani and Co.

    Given Cameron has a mandate with small majority from whole UK but London is very much Labour it will be interesting to see how much power they might use.

  3. Thanks goodness! Congrats to our MPs, especially Dawn Butler for doing so well.

  4. Scott B beaten by UKIP after a rubbish campaign

    1. It's good he campaigned on the amount of rubbish that has been flytipped on so many street corners all over Brent. Thanks to the Labour Council some of our street corners look like rubbish dumps and are set to only get worse due to the garden tax.