Wednesday 17 February 2016

BBC Decision to Exclude the Greens ‘Impoverishes Our Political Debate’

The BBC’s decision not to allocate the Green Party of England and Wales a Party Political Broadcast (PPB) in England fails the electorate and our democracy, say the Greens.

Over recent weeks, the Green Party has written to the BBC three times to appeal the public broadcaster's initial decision to allocate three PPBs to the Liberal Democrats and UKIP each, and none to the Greens.

Over the course of extensive correspondence, Nick Martin, CEO of the Green Party, has sought to demonstrate the Party’s steady and consistent growth in England over the past two election cycles across election types. The Green Party contends that, with this decision, the BBC has failed to fully consider and recognise the pattern and direction of electoral support in England.

In their upcoming Party Election Broadcast (PEB), the Green Party will ensure that the Greens' voice is heard ahead of the London Assembly, Mayoral and local elections in May 2016. The BBC Trusts' decision to recognise the Greens as a major party in the London elections provides the Party with an opportunity to showcase how elected Greens can deliver real change of the common good.

Shahrar Ali, Green Party Deputy Leader, who, alongside Deputy Leader Amelia Womack, handed in an appeal letter to the BBC Trust (3), said:

Our public broadcaster’s decision to freeze the Greens out of the Party Political Broadcasts impoverishes our political debate. Ahead of this May’s elections, the Greens stand on a fresh, distinctive platform. We are the only party who place environmental sustainability at the heart of everything we do; we are united in opposing Trident; and only the Greens are presenting a viable alternative to our stuttering economic system which is insecurely grounded on unequal pay and long hours.
Womack said:
The BBC’s decision means over a million people will not be given the opportunity to hear from the party they voted for last May in a PPB in 2016. While this decision is bitterly disappointing and does a disservice to our democracy, Green politicians, members, activists and supporters will continue to work tirelessly to make sure our voice is heard and that Green values and policies are widely shared.

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Jaine Lunn said...

Outrageous, I signed a petition to have the Green Party's voice heard. WTF is going on, will not be paying my licence fee anytime soon. Diversity, equality, er not at BBC.