Monday 1 February 2016

Contrary birds and squatting squirrels in the Big Garden Birdwatch

I settled down for the Big Garden Birdwatch yesterday with pen and paper and a cup of coffee and achieved meagre results on a wet and windy grey morning. When I tried again later in the day a grey squirrel decided it had squatter's rights on the feeder and kept most birds away,  apart from a brave pair of great spotted woodpeckers.

I have up.

But today, while writing at my computer,  in a short space of about 15 minutes (rather than yesterday's hour) I glimpsed  8 long-tailed tits, loads of great tits and blue, tits,  a pair of nuthatches, robin, dunnock, blackbird, magpie, great spotted woodpecker, wood pigeon and jay.

You can blame them for any typos on today's posts.

There's a lesson to be learnt here...

Big Garden Birdwatch

More of a jungle than a garden - but nature friendly

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