Wednesday 24 February 2016

Brent activists join great crowd supporting the Heathow 13 as they receive suspended sentences

A Heathrow village resident, a poet and the Green Mayoral candidate speak out for the Heathrow 13 - not to mention the singing!

Locals joined Plane Stupid actvists, environmentalists and many independents to support the Heathrow 13 when they attended Willesden Magistrates Court to received their sentences. They received a rousing welcome as they arrived and calmly put the case for direct action to combat climate change on the steps of the court.

Brent Green Party, Brent Momentum and Brent Friends of the Earth as well as independent Brent activists were all present demonstrating unity in the face of the threat posed to the planet by climate change.

The unity was also demonstrated by the presence of both John McDonnell, depury leader of the Labour Party and Caroline Lucas, Green MP.

The Heathrow 13  avoided jail  receiving 6 week sentences suspended for 12 months plus community service.


Anonymous said...

Also non-aligned Brent activists (as well as Green, Momentum and FoE)

Martin Francis said...

Fair enoguh - edited to reflect that.