Tuesday 16 February 2016

Government attack on ethical procurement and divestment slammed by Greens

New government guidance aimed at restricting the ability of public bodies to boycott suppliers is a muzzle on free speech says the Green Party's new business spokesperson.

Rachel Collinson, the party’s Business, Innovation & Skills spokesperson says that the proposals will restrict the ability of public bodies to make “ethical choices”, particularly in moving away from dirty fossil fuels.
Collinson said:
The Tories say they are the party of freedom, choice and free markets. This announcement shows that emperor to be stark naked. If this government really believes in freedom of choice, it would not restrict publicly funded bodies from making ethical choices. They are trying to shove oil down our throats.

The Green Party believes that investment in fossil fuels not only damages the earth, it is a foolhardy financial gamble, given the volatility in oil prices. We encourage all government bodies to divest from polluting industries and arms companies as quickly as possible before this becomes law.

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