Monday 15 February 2016

Down the drain in King Edward VII Park, Wembley

From Friends of King Eddies blog LINK
Thames Water are investigating drainage works in King Eddie's by putting cameras in the drain that runs down towards Castleton Avenue through the park.
The Council have said:

"Work to this drain would hopefully stop the overflow issues we experienced this time last year near the play area... They have been instructed to provide signage informing residents of the proposed works."

Hopefully solving this drainage problem will help with the work to the western half of the park.

A large section of the park has been fenced off since summer 2015 LINK

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Jaine Lunn said...

Huge amount of surface water in the park has been an ongoing issue for over 20 years at peak rainfall periods. It is common knowledge that had all the properties surrounding the outskirts of the park not concreted over their front gardens for parking and the rear gardens with permeable paving that would drain off surface water this would not be an issue. Brent Council under planning could enforce this, as you require permission for a drop kerb etc or that Thames Water put in adequate drainage knowing full well that existing drainage system cannot cope. "It's a case of trying to close the stable door when the horse has already bolted"

Anyone have idea of a timescale for the completion of this project? As it has already been close to well over 6 months since the residents have been denied access to half the park? It is hard to see how much has been spent so far of the £300k that was set aside to resolve this issue and put in 2 football pitches and a cricket pitch? Pull your finger out Brent Council and stop feeding us BS.