Saturday 20 February 2016

Kensal Rise Library housing units start at £475,000 for a studio

In the same week that the Kensal Rise Library campaign announced a 'night of poetry and readings' by famous actors and writers to help raise £100,000 running costs for their community library in the Kensal Rise building, a studio flat in the building went on sale for £475.000.

The studio is one of two in the building along with one one-bedroomed duplex and 2 two bedroomed duplexes.

In pre-redevelopment attempts to sell the whole building, prices asked were between £1,150,000 and £1,120,00.

Along with the  Willesden Green Library redevelopment LINK it is clear that the 'Brent Libraries Transformation Strategy'  has been very lucrative for developers.

More information on the studio (bedsitter?)  HERE

This is the floor plan:

Foxtons do not mention the community library space in their property details.


Anonymous said...

The Reading Rooms...way to add insult to injury

Anonymous said...

Nice Rabbit hutch

Anonymous said...

Didn't Brent Council insist on any affordable homes in its former library building?

Martin Francis said...

After the Council closed the building reverted to the ownership of All Souls College charity arm who them disposed of it on the proviso of inclusion of a community space. Detail is complex as can be seen elsewhere on this blog