Wednesday 21 June 2017

Lucas: May government has no majority and no mandate

Statement from Caroline Lucas, MP

Today’s Queen Speech comes at a time when Britain desperately needs a change of direction – yet all it contained was empty words from a hollowed out Government.

The criminal loss of life at Grenfell Tower and the latest terror attack at Finsbury Park have shown once again the importance of strong communities, the urgent need to invest in public services and the extent to which Britain values courage and compassion. 

Instead we have a morally and politically bankrupt Government - with no majority and no mandate.

The Tories and their DUP partners in crime have no meaningful plans to tackle climate change. They have refused to give our hard pressed NHS workers the pay rise they deserve. They have dodged the opportunity to protect EU nationals’ rights. And they have systematically failed in their duty to keep us safe in our homes and on the streets.

This is an administration utterly out of touch, a government running on empty, and a PM without a shred of authority.

As a Green MP, I’ll continue holding them to account and standing up for what matters – starting with a proposal for a major Environmental Protection Bill and a cross party amendment to the Queen’s Speech that unilaterally confirms that EU nationals living in the UK retain their rights to remain.

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