Saturday 24 June 2017

Duffy calls for special Full Brent Council meeting on post-Grenfell action

Cllr John Duffy has written to all Brent councillors seeking support for his call for a special Council meeting to review the situation in Brent following the Grenfell tragedy:
We are all aware of the fall out of the disaster of Grenfell Tower and the knock-on affect in Camden. Swiss Cottage is  not far from Kilburn and the issue is tangible on Kilburn High Road and is concerning residents.

I have spoken to officers who seem to be doing a reasonable job, however Brent have some decision we need to make particularly in South Kilburn and Stonebridge. 

I was shocked  when I saw the state of the internal repairs in the blocks in Camden, no fire protection on gas pipes and lack of maintenance on fire doors. Camden have questions to ask themselves who was doing the installation and who was signing it off.

Camden problems of poor maintenance maybe be reflected in our own maintenance programme. Therefore we need to take action, we also have to look at our regeneration programme and our housing stock to see if we can retro-fit sprinkler systems. I have heard on Sky News that Brent may be affected, but I have not heard anything from officers to confirm this.

We as a council need to meet to discuss options, like do we wish to ensure all new blocks in the regeneration areas are fitted with sprinklers, do we retro fit older blocks, the logistics of doing so, the cost  and the timetable. We also need to discuss our emergency planning operation to ensure we are able to decant residents ( we recently used in the evacuation plan around Brondesbury Park) and  do we have short and medium term accommodation available.

I am writing to the Mayor, Leader and CEO asking them to call an urgent meeting meeting for Monday 3rd July , this will allow officers to prepare an options report  to update councillors and allow councillors to ask  relevent questions and to look at options.

I am aware we are having a calendered meeting on the 11th of July, but I believe we need a dedicated meeting , without the usual political divisions. Janice Long sent us something recently about Social Housing in the aftermath, which highlight a lot of the problems we are about to face.


Philip Grant said...

It is good to see at least some Brent councillors taking their responsibilities seriously.

Well done John Duffy and Janice Long! I hope that many more of your colleagues will back John's call for an urgent "Special" Full Council meeting dedicated to this issue.


Alison Hopkins said...

Well done indeed. Martin, I'm sending you an image of fire notices in local flats which is utterly horrifying. Feel free to publish it.

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder again that Cllr Duffy was 'criticised' for not being 'a team player'. A reminder again that 'team players' are the first thing organisations want for an easy life and the last thing we want in our representatives.

Mike Hine