Monday 26 June 2017

Pull out the stops on Wednesday to Save the Corrib for the community

Outside the Corrib Rest in Salusbury Road, Queens Park

From Save the Corrib Campaign
There has been a fantastic response to Save the Corrib Campaign. Many thanks for the support - 1471 people believe in the community rooms - which is high for a local pub. Pity the Brent planners don’t see it that way.    The planing officers feel that luxury flats will be more important than community need
Now the Planning hearing is set. We urge you ALL to do one more thing to help Save the Corrib.
Attend the planning meeting on Wednesday 28th June at 7pm. At Brent Civic Centre. The more attendees we have will help to sway the planning committee who may have a more sensible attitude to community needs than the council planning officers.  

Brent Civic Centre is in Engineers Way a short walk from Wembley Park Tube towards and near the Stadium or a train to Wembley Central then bus 83, 92 or 182 to Wembley Arena 5 stops (stop G) and short walk down Engineers Way.
The more support we can get at the meeting the more it helps the case for keeping the Community Rooms.  Please if can at all attend the meeting to support the objection.  Don't let them kill the community rooms.
Summary of the Developer's plan.
To turn the community rooms on the first floor, into 9 luxury flats and make around £4M profit. CAMRA say these are Trojan Horse applications where the pub and small community room will be unviable and are then converted to offices or flats
As a sop they offer a function room in the pub, which will allow some community use for a few evenings a week, making for a massive reduced and commerciallydead pub. Of course if the pub fails, more flats. Planning Officers feel they have secured a great deal by increasing this by 13 hours under a regime that's deeply flawed in favour of the developer.  Yet we lose over 70% of the space in one hit and restricted to half the time.
This scheme means the loss of 530m2 of community space, space that was originally brought with public money and protected by both an ACV order and by a Section 106 covenant. The 106 is a council owned legal restriction that prevents the owner building flats on the first floor. We urge Brent NOT to break this 106 covenant but to honour and cherish it for the people of the locality.
The sad thing is Brent are advertising what to do with the money they collect from the developments and the priority in Kilburn is to use this to create community facilities.
To read the planning application in full, go to LINK
The documents you should read are: 
1) 9 March Planning statement
2) 10 Feb 170109 Draft s106 agreement 56767850001.pdf

NB: The Sir Richard Steele in Chalk Farm is a similar pub with function room and Camden and the Planning Inspector both turned down this conversion to flats so we say that Brent should do the same here. LINK
Thank you again for signing the petition Save the Corrib Pubs Community Rooms, can you help spread the word by forwarding the link below to your friends?  And do try to attend the planning meting Wednesday 28th June 7pm Brent Civic Centre
Kevin Barrett and Lloyd Fothergill - Save the Corrib Campaign

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Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK! With Brent's Planning Committee, you will need it.