Sunday 25 June 2017

Another high-rise development proposed for First Way, Wembley

Hot on the heels of plans to build a hotel on the site of Latif House in First Way, Wembley LINK comes a presentation to build flats on the site of Access Self Storage on the same road.

Brent Planning Committee on June 28th will see a presentation from developers aiming to build flats, stotage space and office space  on the site.

There is little information at this stage but the Committee item gives this outline. No decision will be made at the meeting but committee members will be able to ask questions.
Proposed demolition of existing building and erection of a mixed use scheme of approximately 448 residential units (build to rent), 6,000 sqm storage space and 1,000 sqm office space. The scheme currently has a breakdown of 21studio, 187 -bed 2 person, 41 x 2 -bed 3-person, 151 x 2-bed 4 person and 48 x 3-bed 5 person homes. Heights vary from 8 –22 storeys across five main blocks/buildings above a three storey podium.
I make that a maximum height of 25 storeys taking into account the three storey podium. The hotel proposed for Latif House was 'just' 16 storeys.


Anonymous said...

Great timing, developers. Any chance of someone waking up the Planning Committee before the meeting and bringing them up to speed about recent relevant events so that they can think of some questions to ask?
Mike Hine

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