Thursday 29 June 2017

Powerleague at Kingsbury High refused planning permission on noise grounds

Kingsbury High School's bid to run a Powerleague football facility in its grounds has been refused planning permission. The plans were strongly opposed by nearby residents in Roe Green Village. LINK

The Brent Planning Department refusal is based on the level of noise and disturbance to neighbours which would be caused by the late opening of the facility until 10.30pm:

The proposed development, by reason of the levels of noise associated with the use (including the ancillary activities), having particular regard to the hours of operation of the use and likely frequency of those activities throughout the week and year, will result in an unduly detrimental impact on the amenities of adjoining occupiers through the exposure to noise beyond levels that may reasonably be expected within this specific context. This is contrary to Policy DMP1 of the Brent Local Plan Development Management Policies 2016 and Policy 7.15 of the London Plan (March 2016).
 The delegated report elaborates: (bold is my emphasis)

Council officers are of the opinion that the submitted hours of operation (until 10-10.30pm), represent an excessive intrusion on the reasonable expectation of amenity in this location for local residents. In this circumstance the council would normally seek to restrict the hours of operation as suggested by the NPS.
As it stands, the proposal raises amenity concerns for the local residents in terms of the noise generated by activities inherent on the site when other background noise levels are low. Specifically, a number of football games occurring at the same time with numbers of people and cars attending the facility in hours considered to be sensitive.
Whilst these would reduce noise from the activities emanating from the facility, it is clear that the duration and length of time of noise and disruption resulting from this facility are a function of the late hours of operation.
It has been suggested that a condition be applied to any consent restricting the hours of operation. However, it is understood that a restriction in the hours of operation would render the proposal unworkable as the operators of the football centre rely upon the submitted hours in order for the scheme to be commercially viable.
Whilst this may be the case, it is held that the business model required by the operators cannot be at the expense of the amenity of neighbouring properties, particularly in a suburban setting such as this where an increase in noise, light, activity and vehicle movements is accentuated to the point of being intrusive in an environment of low-level ambient noise, movement and light that reduces even further as the evening progresses.
For this reason, the proposal is considered contrary to London Plan Policy 7.15 and DMP 1 and a reason for refusal based on these policies would be reasonable and sustainable.


Dan said...

Noise and light pollution seems endemic with these football entertainment venues but why would Powerleague simply not reapply with slightly reduced operating hours?

Last time I checked there appeared to be many more convincing reasons why this application should have been refused, not to mention the fact that the application is entirely based on generic drawings and assumptions or the fact that the site appears to be on a 3 metre slope as only one of their consultants spotted thus leaving all other reports in tatters.

Refusing this application on just the noise aspect seems odd and in doing so Brent appears to have given Powerleague a rather easy ride through the appeals process!

Philip Grant said...

Congratulations to the Roe Green Village residents, who "love where they live". I only wish that more local communities in Brent had their genuine concerns listened to by those who make the borough's planning decisions.


Unknown said...

Powerleague were fine at near the stadium, it seemed perfect to me, but Quintain were hell bent on making more flats??? The application to move to Kingsbury neighbourhood was not thought out and made no sense whatsovever

Anonymous said...

Well done Roe Green Residents. Brilliant news. If only Brent Council had also listened to Sudbury Court Residents with regard to Byron Court School expansion. We also "love where we live" but,alas,the plans and disruption were approved. Now we have 18 months of construction traffic entering the estate plus building noise and resident parking restrictions. Once the building work is complete there will be the additional high levels of pollution from the greater volume of vehicles bringing extra pupils to the school. A Primary school of over 1000 pupils!!!

Martin Francis said...

I am awaiting a response from Brent Council re primary pupil numbers. I suspect many of the expanded schools are not recruiting enough children to the extra places. Some may even request a reduction in their statutory form of entry. (the number of places they are expected to fill at Reception)

Anonymous said...

If they build some tower blocks, say 32 stories high then they could put the Power League on the top. Job done, we all know tower blocks rule in Brent don't we?