Friday, 1 June 2018

Brent councillors declare support for Village School strikers

Letter in current Kilburn Times
Uo to now Cllr Jumbo Chan has been a lone Labour councillor voice in first of all supporting staff at The Village School in opposing academisation through a Multi Academy Trust, and then, when the school academised,  in supporting the strike aimed at safe-guarding working conditions.

Interestingly he has now been joined by 14 Labour colleagues including Michael Pavey and Roxanne Mashari who have both challenged Muhammed Butt for the leadership,  several newly elected councillors as well as veterans.

I hope this is a welcome sign of some independent thinking and action that will be carried through into other issues.


Alison Hopkins said...

Good for them. A pity that not one councillor tried to stop the forced academisation of another Brent primary, despite being asked to do so. And indeed, some positively connived.

Anonymous said...

Noticed that Butt didn't sign it.

Anonymous said...

What a surprise!