Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Brent Council: 'Grass verges have been growing faster than anticipated'

Brent Council has pointed residents concerned about the lack of grass cutting on verges and in parks to the following statement on its website:

The council has recently started to reduce the frequency of grass cutting in parks and on verges in the borough, allowing grass to grow taller, with the aim of boosting biodiversity and enabling a better use of our resources.

However, due to the early summer weather this year, grass verges in particular have been growing faster than anticipated and we have allocated additional resources to address these concerns. Cutting schedules for June have now been revised. See when verges on your road will be cut:
Please note that wet weather can impact on the progress of the grass cutting teams and these schedules will be updated during this period to reflect any changes to the timetable. If we experience an extensive period of rain, the increased cutting schedule may be extended into July.

More information

We are responsible for maintaining grass verges on the public highway, including on roundabouts, compounds, central reserves and roadside verges, to ensure that people can use roads and pavements safely.

We do not cut grass that is privately owned or on properties or estates owned by groups other than us.

We will:
  • cut grass verges six times a year.
  • make sure that all grassed edges are trimmed back to the grassed areas.
  • remove all grass clippings that fall outside the grassed area immediately after cutting (grass clippings will lie where they fall on grass areas).

Report overgrown areas

You can also request grass cutting via our Cleaner Brent app.
Once you have reported your inquiry we will arrange for the grass verges to be cut, if necessary, within ten working days of your report.


Anonymous said...

Maybe someone in Brent Council needs to have a strong word with the grass verges and tell them not to grow so fast in future. So inconsiderate of the grass to grow at such a rate.

Anonymous said...

Absolute nonsense as usual from BC!

Sandro said...

Slightly off topic but as the 'Cleaner Brent App' has been mentioned in the above I would just like to say to people here that it really does work! I have reported two issues on it so far, one for graffiti & one for fly-tipping & within one day both issues were sorted & cleared by the Council. I would encourage local's here to use it as so far it's working well with regards to reporting & sorting problems.

Paul Lorber said...

If the Council is doing less and less - not cutting the grass, not repairing pavements, not resurfacing roads etc etc Why do we need an increased Cabinet of 9 or 63 Councillors all collecting over £1 million in allowances? Surely if they are doing less they should be claiming less? While on the topic what is the point of a Chief Executive costing Brent taxpayers over £200,000 a year in salary and on costs?