Friday, 15 June 2018

Brent receives share of migration funding

Unedited press release from Brent Council

Brent has been awarded over £440,000 of funding over three years from a £19 million government pot to help support emerging communities in Brent.

Aiming to ease pressure on local services from recent migration, the fund will help Brent Council provide services to meet the growth in new communities and put support structures in place for new residents which promote independence and help them to adapt to life in the UK.

This includes a new community outreach team as well as drop-in sessions, Eastern European and Latin American fairs and recognised courses in English Language (ESOL), which will cover CV-building, employability and citizenship skills, designed to equip residents with the tools they need to participate in daily life.

Also on offer will be conversational English workshops and cross-cultural activities to celebrate and share community culture.

Cllr Margaret McLennan, Deputy Leader of Brent Council said:

Brent is one of the most diverse boroughs in London and we want to make sure that new residents feel supported and equipped to take part in everyday life. We work hard to make Brent a great place to live and work. At a time of stretched resources for councils across the country, this funding will help meet the challenges of a growing population as we take a joined up approach to easing pressure on local services.

This funding gives us the opportunity to provide a wealth of resources for new residents which they can rely on, reducing the risk of exploitation by rogue landlords or employers who pay below the legal minimum wage.

The funding will be delivered by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to support projects until 2020.


Anonymous said...

yes, they got the money but will it actually get to where it is needed?

Anonymous said...

Intrested to see where it is actually spent. Would love to have feedback from the Refugees to see how they benefit.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Margaret McLennan needs to pitch up and do the job and stop blowing smoke up our a..s Go out and connect with the people you are supposedly helping, and stop shooting a breeze. Show the electorate where the money is being spent. We support you in helping people but don't believe that public money is being spent correctly. As a Cllr it is your job to show that you are clear and transparent in everything you do.