Thursday, 14 June 2018

Lone Star reported to have received 7 first-round bids for Quintain

Property World LINK is reporting that seven investors have lodged first-round bids for Quintain, the developers of Wembley Park.

Quintain  is currently owned by US company Lone Star. Property World report that the bids include offers for the whole business, an offer to become a business partner and and an offer  to acquire the whole of the 5,000 home Wembley Park development. 

It appears that  Guy Hands' Terra Firma Capital Partners has not after all made an offer through its Annington Homes company. LINK

As reported before on Wembley Matters there is also the possibility of new owners for Wembley Stadium and the FA is said to be looking for further offers at a higher price than the initial one from Shahid Khan and is also seeking assurances that the stadium will remain the home of English football as part of the deal. It appears to be inevitable that any bid will include an increased number of events at the stadium to maximise the income of the new owner. Meanwhile Spurs will play its first home match at Wembley on August 18th before transferring to their new stadium. LINK

See the Property News 'Big Interview'  with Quintain HERE

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Jaine Lunn said...

I wait with baited breath to see what disaster will befall Wembley NoPark