Monday 3 August 2020

BREAKING Brent issues urgent warning over Covid 19 cases rise in the borough


An important message from Cllr Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council.

Today I have to share an urgent warning for everyone in Brent. For the first time in several weeks confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Brent are rising again, with 41 people testing positive for the virus over the past fortnight.

We are all rightly worried about a second wave of the virus and the recent increase in cases, which have also been seen elsewhere across the country. With this in mind I am asking for your help to prevent a second wave of the deadly virus in Brent.

Together, we all need to pay maximum attention to our surroundings at all times. We desperately want to avoid a situation where we cannot visit each other’s homes again.

I know you are likely to have heard this advice before but it is now vital that we all continue to act on it:
  • Wash your hands, or use hand sanitiser, regularly and for at least 20 seconds
  • Wear a face covering in shops and supermarkets, on public transport and when in other indoor spaces where keeping apart from others isn’t possible. Please always take a face covering with you when you leave your home in case you need to use it.
  • Get a free test now if you have any Covid-19 symptoms
  • Stay at home if you test positive for the virus, or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive.
Please pass this message onto your family, friends and neighbours. More information is here if you need it

I know we all want to get back to doing the things we love. However, we cannot do that if cases continue to rise. Let’s not throw away the hard work and sacrifices made by so many of our friends, neighbours and loved ones during lockdown.

Together, by following the NHS advice, we can stamp out coronavirus in Brent and prevent a second lockdown.


Anonymous said...

What a hypocrite, Councillor Butt broke recent lockdown rules and is now telling residents to comply!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the police, community officers, councillors should disperse the many drinkers hanging around Jubilee Clock all day and also advise the security guard in Iceland to stop talking to the girls on the till and stay at the entrance enforcing the wearing of masks before entering the store. Also advise all shop keepers to kindly remind customers of social distancing and wearing masks. Harlesden is a joke and it's not surprising the increase in cases