Sunday 29 November 2020

Kilburn activist suspended by Labour Party

I understand that Pete Firmin, chair of Hampstead and Kilburn Labour Party has been suspended by the party for the crime of defying the edicts from the Party's General Secretary about what Party members are allowed to discuss.    

Pete who lives on the South Kilburn Estate and is a tenant association activist and a member of Brent TUC  has contributed a number of articles to Wembley Matters.

He is a man of principle and integrity and I express my solidarity, across parties, at this challenging time.

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Trevor Ellis said...

Suspension is currently commonplace within the Labour party.
Corbyn, Webbe, and now Firmin, suggests to me that Labour is split from the top down and a party in such a state of division
isn't fit to rule locally or central
but that's just my opinion.