Sunday 22 November 2020

Wembley's 'Helter Skelter' surrounded by scaffolding as remedial works get underway


With lockdown impacting on student numbers cladding remedial work is going on at the Victoria Hall stduent accommodation in North End Road.  Victoria Hall was one of the first new buildings, not quite 10 years ago, in the area and its design made quite an impact and earned the name 'the helter skelter.'

It is 19 storeys at the highest point, with 3 modular wings.  The modules were installed at the rate of 7 a day providing 435 bedrooms.  It was designed by Peter Dann and constructed by John Doyle Construction. They boasted that it took only 16 months to build.

Victoria Hall under construction (from the Bridge Road ramp)

North End Road is currently cut off from the ramp and stairs that descend from Bridge Road as the road is being reconnected with Bridge Road.  There were complaints from students on a now defunct Facebook site 'The Truth About Victoria Hall, Wembley' about the  4am to 1am noise from the Metropolitan and Jubilee lines - now there will be a through road at the front of the building.

 There are currently several thousand student beds in the Wembley Park area.  They were seen as achieving a better rate of return on the investment than family accommodation:

 The remedial work must be costings thousands so perhaps not a great investment.


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