Tuesday 17 November 2020

Twin oaks of Salmon Street are safe


 The oak trees today

Yesterday  morning a Brent Fightback Facebook member saw work going on at the twin oak trees at the corner of Salmon Street and Queens Walk and fearing that the mature trees were about to be removed, raised the alarm.

Number 44 Queens Walk is the site of the controversial demolition of a detached suburban house to make way for a block of flats.

Brent tree protectors swung into action and soon ascertained that the trees were protected.  Gary Rimmer, Brent Trees Officer, told Wembley Matters that the trees were being 'reduced' by a reputable firm of arboculturalists.  He said that the new development was being built back from the road to leave room for the tree roots.

Much relief all round but is is good to know that locals have their eyes open, especially as Salmon Street has some lovely specimen trees.

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Martin Francis said...

Wembley readers may have noticed that there is some kind of remedial work going on at the Victoria Student Housing block (known to many as the 'helter skelter) in North End Road.