Monday 15 February 2021

Housing Trust promises action as inspection finds building issues in block at 115 Chalkhill Road


Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH) has responded to a request by Wembley Matters following a recent building survey of its property at 115 Chalkhill Road, next to the Welford Centre at 113 that houses a Health and Community Centre.

A spokesperson for MTVH said: 


The safety and wellbeing of all our residents is our number one priority. Just like buildings owners across the country, MTVH is currently conducting inspections on a number of our properties to understand how their construction meets relevant building regulations and government guidance. 


Independent experts conducted inspections at this building in October and identified some issues that require further investigation. Importantly, the independent experts have confirmed that the building remains safe for residents to live in and advised that some further checks be carried out. Our routine programme of fire risk assessments and other compliance checks is continuing at this property, and any actions identified are being addressed within recommended timescales. 


Once we have the full details back from the further checks by our independent experts, we will work with the original contractor and other parties responsible for the construction of the building to address any issues that require remediation. We are in close contact with residents through regular written updates and a virtual meeting will be held with residents shortly. We understand and apologise for the concern that this will be causing our residents.


In reviewing the findings of these checks, we will of course consider any issues that may affect other properties nearby and we will take appropriate action where we are advised to do so by our independent experts. The findings of the inspection that has taken place do not currently require any additional fire safety measures to be introduced at this building or those adjacent to it.

While investigations go on into potential issues with the external wall system MTVH will not be able to issue compliant EWS1 forms to residents. although independent experts have confirmed that the building is safe for people to live in.

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Trevor Ellis said...

Put it this way,
having endured twenty tortuous years living on the so called regenerated
Chalk hill estate, that is habitually neglected by a number of irresponsible tenants and poorly maintained by the landlord(MTVH) and its contractors (Metworks), it comes as no surprise to me to know that "a recent building survey of its property at 115 Chalk hill Road" revealed a number of currently (undisclosed) "issues" that evidently led to a sufficient number of complaints from long suffering tenants that moved the lax landlord (Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing) to have a survey carried out.

I, and many other misfortunate tenants (suffering) (not living) on this awful estate, are accustomed to being overlooked and neglected by the landlord and that is why few tenants have anything positive to say about MTVH.
Ironically (but not surprising) even Metwork operatives complain about this terrible housing association.

I live in hope of MTVH being ousted and replaced by a better body of people (if such thing exists) that provide homes that are fit for the 21st century and maintained to the standard that tenants deserve.

If it were possible to turn back time in order to correct mistakes,
I would do so in order to avoid signing a tenancy agreement (to live on this horrible estate) that wasn't worth the paper it was written on.