Monday 1 February 2021

Black Medical Consultant and vaccination expert's plea to Brent BAME Community: 'Please take this vaccine'



Medical Consultant with expertise in vaccines, Dr John Licorish has recorded this message for Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in Brent. If you have any questions about the COVID Vaccination Programme, please speak to a trusted person, such as your GP, or visit

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Trevor Ellis said...

Ears most of us have but we chose not to act upon what we hear because decades of untruths and endless manmade ideas
have made many people wary of advice from politicians and in many case rightly so.

As a black man, I value my health and so when I am approached and asked if I want to have the covid19 vaccine,
I will say yes.

I know that the people telling us to take it are on whole, difficult to trust and for good reason,
but in this case I'm willing to listen and respond because I value my health.